MapWalker lets you start an amazing virtual trip on map around the world. You can also use it to draw your travel path for your travel plan. Just rotate your iPhone or iPad, you can easily control the direction of movement. When the travel ends, you can save the dynamic travel path to create your own travel map.

• Start a Virtual Trip
You can search or long press on the map to pick a start place for your trip.


Rotate your iPhone/iPad to start a virtual trip on map.

You can press the pause button to pause the current trip. After trip has been paused, you can press the snapshot button to share and save your travel path.

If you want to quick move to somewhere, pause the trip and long press on map to show the confirm dialog.

To speed up on map.(1~4x speed)

• Travel Path Management

You can edit and replay all your saved travel paths in "My Path".

Press the play button to see the movement of the saved travel path on map.

To create your own landmarks on the saved travel path.

Record and share dynamic path video via ReplayKit. Just press the record button to start or stop recording.

• Advanced Path Edit

Start Here: start trip from the saved path. 
Merge: merge two paths.

• Export and Import

Export and import travel paths via iCloud/Dropbox.

[Setting]-> [iCloud/Dropbox]

• Wi-Fi Transfer 

Quickly transfer travel paths to others via Wi-Fi. (Please turn on WiFi)

[Setting]->[Wi-Fi Transfer]

1. Touch the Search Button 

2. Find and choose the device you want to connect. 

 3. Waiting for the other to accept connection.

 4. Select the items for sending.

• Offers iMessage App

You can find and share nearby places via iMessage.